Thursday, March 29, 2012

La Vie de Bohème / Bohemian Life

Bohemian style is often linked with hippies, but that’s not the entirety of this style. Bohemian style is a mixture of many global cultures..let's start by defining what is Bohemian Style.. It is a mix of exotic hippie, gypsy,manflavors of different  cultures and the key element in this style is the vintage touch... This style also known as "boho" or "boho chic" was adapted by many fashion Icons such as Rachel Zoe (my all time favorite boho chic princess) Nicole Richie (my second favorite), the Olsen twins (I have mixed feelings toward them)  & Kate moss... I always get attracted to this style because of the Prints, golds, silver, lace, beads, rich colors , many textures ,fringe, embroidery, denim ,fur, knee high boots and of course last but not least  the massive jewelry attack this exotic mixture super excite me :)
Layering is an essential key in boho fashion.. Scarves, vests, jackets, and skirts are often worn on top of each other.. . A scarf can be worn not only around the neck, but as a headband, shawl, or belt... Mismatched items are often paired, with colors or patterns that wouldn't traditionally be worn together... 

Boho jewelry is as varied as the bohemian wardrobe but often includes silver, gold, and stones. Chunky bracelets, bangles, and long necklaces are often used in bohemian fashion, and multiple pieces are often worn together. Large gemstones, charms,rings and chandelier earrings are also popular with the style. 
I think it's fascinating that this trend hasn't really gone anywhere just reinvented itself each season with a new twist. 

دايم نخلط بين الستايل البوهيهمي و الهبيي بس هذا الخلط مو صحيح ، الصحيح هو ان الستايل البوهيمي هو مزيج من الغجري الهبي و حضارات مختلفة مثل الهندي،التبت، الروماني ،العربي يعني سلطة ما عندو هوية محدده و كل احد يقدر يضيف اي شي مافي شروط او شي يحدد هذا الستايل بس اللي يميز كل شخص هو اللمسات الشخصية اللي يضيفها .. يعني روك ستايل على فستان حرير على اي شي  كل شي يمشي حالة .. يعني لو مشتريه اشياء و نفسك تلبسينها كلها بسرعة قبل الناس حطيها على بعض و قولي بوهيميان ستايل .. طبعن امزح ترى بيطلع شكلها خلاقين .. الفكرة من هذا الستايل هو انو يكون
effortless style
 يعني ستايل بدون مجهود والله ما اعرف يضحكو على مين بهذي المسميات ما في شي الحين اسمه كذا اللا البيجاما و بالذات هذا الستايل لازم تحوسين عشان تطلعي شي حلو بس الحق انو دايم النتيجة النهائية حلوة

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