Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm not a real political person at allllll...If it happens that I'm in a place and the TV was turned on a news Channel I watch it but ofcours without paying attention to details & most of the time the TV is on Mute..They are all the same to me same scenarios, same games but different faces.. By chance, a friend of mine sent me a broadcast on my black berry about Kony's story & for some reason it just really touched me!!! I was in tears I don't know is it because of the children or is it because of little Jacob's story & the way he spoke about his brother and the fact me being away from my beloved family just made me realize how much part of my life would be missing ...  I'm not celebrating Kony i just want to help bringing & exposing his crimes & name out to light ..

To know more about Kony's story check out the video 

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