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 Even with her missteps and imperfections, her hard work and dedication to her music and career make her special!!!!

How many millions of people in the world would have liked to have the beauty, the talents and gentle personality which DALIDA had.....? .....And she never presumed to be 
unique....but she was UNIQUE !!

Dalida is one of my favourite inspirational divas..I love her music and style she looked like a goddess and sang in saint voice
Dalida’s public image was about beauty, glamour, sexiness, but her drive and musical abilities were more powerful than her looks... Dalida was one of the hardest working women in entertainment... Her international fame came from slavishly recording in more than 7 languages, performing concert after concert, and singing on TV variety shows around the world..She sold more than 80 million records world-wide, Received 55 gold records and was the first singer to receive a diamond disc. 


Dalida is the disco Queen and such a fashion icon.. She is a legend with her amazing voice , amazing features , a statuesque figure , and a great sense of style ! She was a regular client of Balmain , and Pierre used to design gowns specially for her !

My muse was not only succeeding as a singer only , but also as a fashionista !

 Late 50's early 60's

in 1961 Dalida attended Cannes Film Festival  along with her husband Lucien Morrise wearing 2 dresses than can be easily described as Haute Couture !

there was no big names of designers except for that red dress she wore the first time when she was performing in Bobino in 1958, an amazing draped Jean Desses dress , Jean was Egyptian , and he was a royal couturier , he's the one who designed the wedding gown of queen Sofia of Spain .
Dalida would repeat the dress 23 years after she wore it for the first time to receive her diamond disc and celebrate the 25th year of her career in the Olympia1981.

In 1964 Dalida Turned blonde , also the style of her music started to change , and her clothes did as well .


during the 70's Dalida's own style started to show up she started wearing gowns instead of dresses for concerts , she became friends with many designer who made her amazing gowns for her appearances 
Balmain , Azzaro ,and Yves Saint Laurent ,all were designers of her favorites designers in the 70's !

A costum-made gown designed by Pierre Balmain in 1970 for Dalida , she wore it  performing Ciao Amore Ciao and other various concerts 
Another Balmain Costum-made creation , it's embroidered with pearls and rhinestones , this gown is the perfect sample to know how Pierre played a great role building Dalida's style in that decade , simple dresses with a bit yet enough dazzle !

LATE 70'S (My Favorite !!)
The Disco Goddess gained the opportunity of beating many other artists at their own game. Now she was a show-woman of the first order, dressed in sumptuous sequined gowns with daring split to the thigh to help her dancing during her shows..And she was officially announced a Disco Queen  in a very feminine classy way.. Her Friend in this Journey was Loris Azzaro  the world famous designer ...

Besame Mucho is a great example for what Dalida and Loris made together !

"Besame Mucho" is a Spanish song written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez...Here is Dalida's French disco version that she recorded in 1976 and which became one of her most famous songs.

One of my favorite song is Laissez-moi danser

The 1980s started off with a bang. Dalida, in all her glory, performed at the Palais des Sports in Paris from 5th to 20th January 1980 with an American-style show, with twelve costume changes, mountains of feathers and tons of costume jewellery. The star was surrounded by eleven dancers and 30 musicians. This was a real Broadway choreographed show, which lasted more than two hours. All eighteen shows were sold out. She was the first female star to have success on such a scale. As soon as it was over she went on a grand tour which finished in the autumn.
 All the years of work had tired her out, she was exhausted. She felt more and more alone and sensed that as her artistic life had grown, that of the woman inside had shrunk. She had neither husband nor children and the years were beginning to weigh down on her.
She sang: "I want to die on stage… ".
But, thinking that life had nothing else to give her, she decided to go to sleep forever on the night of 2nd May 1987, and left her final message:
"Forgive me, life has become unbearable for me".

She was a joyful and sad diva, but her presence still perfume our world .. Vocalist .. Performer .. Entertainer .. the FULL package .

French superstar Dalida is buried in the Montmarte cemetery. 

The immensely popular diva, who died a tragic death in 1987, has now become a cult figure for a whole new generation of fans who were not even born when she first rocketed to fame .

Facts about Dalida

  • Was Miss Egypt 1954 before becoming an international singer
  • Was Joan Collins stand-in in Land of the Pharaohs (1955), shot in Egypt at the time she was trying to make her name as an actress
  • Sister of Orlando (Bruno Gigliotti), who became her career manager and kept on taking care of her estate, legacy and legendary fame after her suicide.
  • She recorded 500 French songs, 200 of which were translated into Italian, and 200 into other languages. She sold more than 80 million records world-wide
  •  Dalida is one of only three women in France to have a statue erected to her, along with Joan of Arc and Sarah Bernhardt.Despite enormous career success, Dalida’s private life was marred by a series of failed relationships and personal problems. Her first husband, Lucien Morisse, committed suicide several years after their divorce. Two of her lovers, Luigi Tenco andRichard Chanfray, also took their own lives.
  •  Dalida died as a result of an overdose of barbiturates, leaving a suicide note "La vie m'est insupportable... Pardonnez-moi" which reads "Life has become unbearable for me... Forgive me."

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