Friday, July 20, 2012

The Lady in Red

It’s fascinating how colors can have an amazing, re-awakening effect on people. How they feel, move, and express themselves to the world. 
 this gorgeous bright red-which looks stunning on all skin tones-whether you have that gorgeous olive skin tone or light fair skin-this is a show-stopping hue that no doubt will bring momentum and happiness to your life. So my advice, is go for it! Live on the edge, try red. Get outside your box, and see what fun rabbit-hole of adventure it leads you down…

how to choose the right tone of red for women with different skin tones. Here are a few tips:
  •  Women with light blonde hair and pale blue, gray or green eyes should stick with pale reds with a blue undertone. Any orangey shades should be avoided though.
  • Ladies with dark brown or black hair, dark eyes and olive or dark complexion will look terrific wearing dark and strong reds with a blue undertone. No orangey tones will work though.
  • Redhead women with eyes of any color and golden skin tone should opt for orangey reds and stay away from blue-based reds.
  • Ash blond and grey-haired ladies will look their best in purple-reds and blue-based red tones. Orangey shades are not for you though.
  • Women with dark brown or black hair and blue, green or grey eyes can wear the brightest red and look great.
  • Those with dark blonde or brown hair and soft-colored eyes will look amazing wearing soft and muted reds.
How to Wear Red
  • Red and white as well as red and black look gorgeous but by wearing it you will not surprise anybody as these combinations are the most common. However, you can mix all the three and look chic.
  • To create interesting looks play with different red tones. Combine tomato red with hot fuchsia, pale red with deep violet, coral with light rosy, etc.
  • Try making bolder combinations like red and blue, red and beige, experiment with green shadows.
  • Red printed pieces also look wonderful. Besides, they aren’t as aggressive and attention-grabbing. Try a red polka dot blouse or a sexy floral-printed skirt to play it safe.
  • If you are not ready for a daring red outfit add a red accessory as an accent. A bright scarf, a pair shoes or a lovely clutch will be enough. You can even try a bright red lipstick to brighten up your look.

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