Friday, January 4, 2013

THE MUSE :Barbara Martelo

She's extremely stylish!. It's truly amazing and she has a gift she can take the most fierce rocker chick outfit and make it look so posh and ladylike! And her legs are a mile long! She has the most amazing legs
   مع  اني شخصيا ما احب هذا الستايل القاتم  بس غصب عني لازم اقر و اعترف ان هذي المخلوقه عجيبه عندها القدره على انها تحول اي شي تلبسه الى شي chic او بصيغة ثانيه تقدر تخليه انثوي (مع انه جسمها يخلو من اي معالم انثويه بس ما يخالف شعرها و سيقانها يوفون و يكفون)  

 "Don´t be a fashion victim,the way you dress should reflect the way you are "
Barbara Martelo
 وحده من عباراتها ان الواحد لا يكون ضحيه للموضه و ان لازم طريقه اللبس تعكس شخصيه الانسان
اكيد هذي العباره الكوميديه ليس لها اي قيمه لان الناس للاسف صارت اهم شي عندها تقلد علانه و فلانه حتى لو يشترون تقليد  ما  يخالف عندهم اهم شي ما يحسون نفسهم اقل من احد و اكيييييد الانستغرام ما عمل في الناس خير اندهار موبطبيعي عشان بس استعرض الاغراض سواء حلو الشي او مو حلو وفي روايات اخرى قبيييح اهم شي يكون براند و حبذا لو limited edditionووااووو يعني صارو ارهب شي في الحياه و مسكو المجد من جميع اطرافه :)

نعود الى صديقتنا Barbara اعذروني على الخطبه السابقه من زمان ما كتبت بالعربي و حسيت لازم اتفلسف شوي ..زي ما نشوف ستايلها بسييييط بدون تكلف نادرا ما اشوفها مخلقنه بعمرها غالبا لبسها يكون ساده او الالوان الاساسيه و تبتعد عن الهجوله بحالها بحجه ان الموضه عاوزه كدا :) 
اترك الصور تتكلم عن نفسها
تحذير( سيقانها الجميله و الممشوقه جداااا يصلح لها هذا النوع من اللبس محاوله تقليدها بطريقه عشوائيه بدون اخذ تضاريسنا العربيه بعين الاعتبار قد يودي الى نتائج وخيمه و خصوووصن السكيني الجلد و التنانير ال ٣ سم  وقد اعذر من انذر لا تقولو ما بلغت اللهم بلغت اللهم فاشهد)    
 Effortless in black + Balmain (she's making me want to buy leather pants Not many women would rock those pants! She looks great!)

Perfect outfit! I love how she sticks to her parisian rock n roll style but also adds some glamour and new elements to it
Love this outfit, want that skirt and the whole look is fab, love that shirt perfect combo with the leather skirt 
she has those Alaia's laced up to the max
crazy jacket!
 I adore her legs.. i wish my legs were as amazing as hers
She wears those louboutin over the knee boots SO well! They look amazing on her mile long legs!!
All black everything perfection in a leather Balmain mini skirt with stockings, pumps, a basic tee and Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
A leather blazer with Balmain printed trousers (she rocked those pants!! makes me really wanna get a pair like that though i know i wont look that gd )
 Balmain tribal mini skirt with a white muscle tee and Azzedine Alaïa Strappy heels
 Christian Louboutin heels + leather mini + black tee
 Chanel tweed jacket with leather skinnies and pumps
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci t-shirt and boots
Chic in a leopard coat with leather trim, cigarette skinny jeans and pumps

  • Barbara Martelo, born in Madrid, graduated in law at the Universidad Pontificia (ICADE) in Madrid.
  • Her father is a plastic surgenon and her mother is a nurse 
  • She graduated in Law and started working in the Legal Department of Inditex(owners of Zara)but really it was through a series of coincidences that she ended up working in fashion which had always been her hobby.
  • She started her career in fashion as a stylist at TELVA magazine.
  • She then joined VOGUE Spain before becoming a freelance stylist in 2007.
  • Nowadays, Barbara publishes in several magazines such as Spanish VOGUE and VANITY FAIR or the Spanish leading newspaper “El PAIS”.
  • She also works as a consultant for designers and stores such as EKSEPTION.
  • At the time,the most popular fashion publication in Spain.Although it didn´t represent my view,it did give me the opportunity to enter in the fashion world and the most important to attend to the fashion shows.
  • after she gave birth to her twins she've became freelance.
  • She avoid total looks. Combine important pieces with casual ones 
  • She usually never wear long skirts. 

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