Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

I love embroidered details, they give a fun, special touch in any out fit . Embroidery are everywhere this season from clothes to shoes. Floral, animals, oriental prints, graphic prints adorn high-heel shoes, ankle booties and knee high boots, adding some cheerfulness and attitude to them. 

Mixed Media Madness
There are several obvious examples of this mixed media trend (designs featuring 3 or more different materials). The styles below are colorful and show the designers’ playful side.
For me, the combination of different textures & colors is a hit-or-miss so be extra careful when you pick an outfit with this trend. Keep it simple!!

Nectarine was listed on the Pantone Spring 2013 Fashion color trend. Nectarine has a warm coral touch and is also a skin flattering tone. It is a fresh color that you can wear it with anything & it add a soft girly touch to your outfit.

It seems like it could be a spring shoe seems like it could be a big spring shoe trend.

Colorful Lace
My relationship with lace is a never-ending isn’t all about clothes, it’s the lace on the shoes that has me drooling. Check out these babies! 
And we all know the rules of the game, don’t we? We don’t pair a lace outfit with the same texture shoes.

Fringed footwear is fun to wear ..Get in on the trend with swishy, fun shoes for your feet. From bohemian chic to rocker cool, fringes are here to stay this season

Oversized Buckles
Buckle-up your shoes to remain in style.. whether it’s a pair of classic high heels, elegant leather boots or sandals. They add sophistication and elegance to the designs, making them look more interesting and unique. Make the most of the buckle shoe trend and wear your buckle embellished shoes with stylish trousers, dresses, and shorts.

 Designers have used this reflective technique on both snakeskin and patent leather. .

Wooden Inserts
Rounding out the shoe trends, an obvious style seen in several designer’s collections has been the use of wooden inserts and wooden details. Givenchy sandal is my favorite!!!

Lady T- Strap
These T-Srtap pumps are ladylike yet so sexy at the same time. They are so lady like and timeless

Woven Leather
Woven leather is one of the most popular trend in footwear this season..

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