Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chanel Cruise Bag 2014

As much as fashion brands love to make a spectacle of themselves, no one does it quite as well (or as thoroughly, or as regularly) as Chanel. When Karl Lagerfeld decides on a theme, he goes for it whole-heartedly. For Chanel Cruise 2014, though, his theme seemed simply to be “Chanel.” The show, held in Singapore, bore occasional details that referenced the Asian location – a few cricket bats, tweeds developed to be comfortable in hot climates – but the things that popped most were the Chanel classics, especially when it came to the beautiful handbags.
Chanel fans will find a lot to love here – beautifully detailed Classic Flap Bags, new spins on the Boy Bag that ranged from transparent PVC to extravagantly beaded white leather, whimsical clutches in the form of Chanel No. 5 bottles – much of it in the brand’s de facto team colors of black and ivory. If you can’t find something to lust over here, you likely just aren’t meant to be a Chanel fan in this life. Enjoy all the photos below – these bags will hit stores at the end of the year.

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